Beatriz Rojo

Learning Experience  Designer

I am Beatriz. I design and create content for online education.


About me

I was born in Barcelona. I worked in Germany and tried Dublin, but the cold wind blew me back and I went back to Berlin. I now live and work in Zurich.

I am a feminist and an environmentalist .

Things I love

Zero waste. A Rioja red wine. Vegan food. Sushi. Ken Loach’s films. Mafalda comics. Modern art and architecture. Travelling by train.


Course Design

Face-to-face, online, or hybrid. Based on solid cognitive principles and using efficient technology.

Instructional Consulting

Analysis, solutions, and strategies to implement or optimize training programs in any format.

Online Teaching Training

Models, tools, and strategies to become efficient online trainers. Specialization in Moodle.

Educational Content Creation

Digital or printable, for mobile devices or PCs and for any platform.


Sometimes I write.


Per què és important construir una arquitectura d’e-learning sòlida

Temps de lectura: 3 minuts La nevada a Madrid i a algunes zones d’Espanya ha mostrat que és necessari que les escoles puguin implementar l’educació online d’un dia per l’altre de manera fluida i ràpida. No tinc els coneixements per saber si un curs 2020-21 online contribuiria a controlar l’epidèmia. De fet, hi ha diferents […]